Helpdesk 101

Getting started with our helpdesk software

I created a ticket, when can I expect an answer?

Most, if not all tickets, are answered the same day we receive them. However, depending on our workload, we may not be able to get back to you immediately. But remember, we try to answer every request as fast as we can.

What is a ticket? Is it the same as a request?

A ticket is a technical synonym we use for question or request.

What personal information are you tracking?

Privacy is important to you and to us. When you submit a ticket through our helpdesk, we just keep your name and email address and question you asked in our database. Nothing more unless you share it yourself during an interaction with us.

Can I use email to reply to a ticket?

Yes, our helpdesk is able to receive answers to your tickets via email. Whether you are using Outlook, Gmail or any other email client, our helpdesk will be able to handle it.

I see a blue screen, what should I do?

A blue screen means that you should: reboot wait 3 minutes try again

I don't find my answer in the knowledge base, what should I do?

Did you try to search using different search terms? If yes, then you should create a new ticket.

My PC's fan makes a strange noise...

If you fan make a loud noise or is constantly on, please return your product for exchange. Ask an RMA over here

Log In to Web Site

To login to the district website look in the black top bar of the site for the word "Login" on the top right. Click on the word "Login" a page will load . Click on the button labeled "Google" you should be automatically log you in if not select the account you wish to use . Use the below link to ...